Hey all...

I wanted to let all Users of ModernBill that there is a new Affiliate Program specifically built for ModernBill. Its called OCZaffiliate by OnlineCreationz. It will work for both Owned and Leased ModernBill installs. It's the first and only Affiliate Module that is integrated INTO ModernBill, rather than run side by side.

They are just beginning the Beta-testing phases of the new Affiliate Module and are looking for Beta Testers. You can find out more info here... http://forum.oczaffiliate.com

The first phase of Beta testing will only work on the MB Orderwiz, Vortech order forms to come later on.

I do not work for, or am I affilaited with OnlineCreationz. I'm just helping spread the word about the new module. I recommend that all MB Users check this out.

Have a great day!