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    One time PHP Server Optimization and Diagonistic Needed

    I run a 1.7 Celeron With Redhat and Cpanel at

    It has 512 megs of ram.

    It was running fine for awhile, but CERTAIN php pages (the ones with include/ssi calls) have been loading slowly for the last month.

    I think it needs some mysql and PHP optimization, and installation of a PHP caching software. It also needs general server "tune-up" and "diagnostic" (someone to recommend any server upgrades, if needed).

    THis site is basically a hobby site, so I don't make much money or anything.

    I can afford to pay around 50-100 bucks for everything including installation of PHP caching. I will pay 25 in advance via paypal. I will need a detailed explanation of what you intend to do, what you think you can do. Upon receipt of your PM I will inform you of the site and additional information you require (such as TOP info). Once you receive that and you want to do whatever you want to do, I'll pay your 25, and upon completion, I'll pay another 25-75 bucks depending on the scope of work. I don't think it'll take too long.

    Please PM me and any references you have (such as a homepage and email)

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    (Sorry the amount is so little, but the amount of work is probably little and the time required probably really small)

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    I could do this work for you, Please contact me if you are interested.

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    Pls contact me on msn [email protected] or aim-pmsrini
    Mail[email protected]

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