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    Need help.. will pay..

    I have a members only section on my site. Since they have to login once to the site I am trying to find a forum that the members can use without having to register and login seperate to the forum.

    I want the guests to be able to view the forum, but not post. Members should be able to view and post under their username on my site(not changeable).

    I don't know if I need to mod a current forum like phpBB, invision, or just find one from scratch. Any suggestions? I am also willing to pay for somebody to do this for me...

    AIM - BHG Chris
    EMAIL - [email protected]

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    Check out - they should be able to help you out.

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    Actually thats a very easy thing to setup with usergroups and permissions on each forum. phpBB and vB and IPB have this... (all forum software probably does)

    I added you to AIM if you want help just howler.
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    I have experience integrating vBulletin with websites. If you need any help, feel free to contact me. Coding will be billed at $40/hour and will require a deposit.

    Feel free to email me with any questions.
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