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    Looking for Network Sponsorship

    I would say that it's a network sponsorship, just without the need for hosting space nor financial support at the moment.

    I am seeking for one of my sites to affiliate with one's network.

    I would prefer that the site was a LLC or any other form of registered business. I'll warn you that the site has only been up for a month so the stats are not starking, but the alexa ranking is already under 200,000, the PR is at 2 and should increase once DMOZ adds my site in a projected couple of weeks.

    If you have any interests or questions, I'll be glad to provide more details about this site and the URL. Please reply here, PM me or email me.

    P.S.: It would also be a plus if you have any interests in Japanese entertainment or pop culture in general.

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    How do you benefit from this?
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    By being under a network, I would expect the site to be better marketed, advertised, and better staffed as I already run too much. With a company backing it, it will also give the site a chance to represent media at more trade shows such as E3.

    At least that is what I am hoping on. In regards in not having a need for hosting and financial support is, the reason behind that is that I've finally found a comfortable host and I've already migrated the site around the 5 months prior enough as it is. Though any sort of financial support would be a bonus, and if the person that's accepting the site would prefer for it to be settled on one of its own hosts, I may be open to consideration.

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