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    Hosting OS

    hello all!

    I know you guys are professional so please help me make my chioce, for howsting my web sites

    which one is better

    Linux Redhat Enterprice 2.1 with Apache 1.3.27 or
    linux Redhat 9.0 apache 2.0.40

    And why???



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    Yup, my thoughts exactly, RedHat 9.

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    As a general question, and a customer asked this today why not Apache 2?

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    normally.. newer the versions, better they are.. though there might be an exception to this rule for windows as it has newer bugs with newer versions..
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    The Apache 2 tree is very different from the 1.3x tree. As far as compatibility and stability with all the hosting bells and whistles, you're far better off with 1.3.

    It isn't just 'newer versions'. There are drastic changes between the two trees, which have coexisted for some time now with no change in site. 1.3x is not old, its' really just different than the 2.x tree.

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    I would go with Linux Redhat Enterprice 2.1 with Apache 1.3.27 since Redhat will stop supporting redhat 9.0 pretty soon.
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    I would second the post from Inteltechs. If you want to have continued support from RedHat, better to stick with their latest offering.

    Will you maintain the system on your own or have a tech do it?
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    going with andrew on this. if you dont understand the differences between 2.0 and 1.3 yet, go with 1.3. too many things DONT WORK YET with 2.0. php JUST started working threadsafe and even still segfaults on 2.0 prefork on a few systems i worked with. mod_perl isnt officially 2.0, its still 1.99 which means while it works it may not be 100%... other things are changed etc. there are also more problems with smaller things that havent surfaced yet.
    there are advantages and i run 2.0 on a lot of sites, but if you dont know what they are and why you need them dont use 2.0 just to stay supported. 1.x line isnt going anywhere any time soon, and there will be a huge transition time once 2.0 is preferred and 1.x is phased out.

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