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    account management, customer login

    Does anyone know of a good open source account management \ account login?

    I used phpcoin but I couldnt edit it easily and I dont need it for hosting. I have tried citrusdb but cant get it to work. (if you can help, let me know)

    I am looking for:
    Customers can login.
    view account details (customer information, billing date, etc.)
    open trouble tickets

    I am looking for something basic that I can customize.

    Thanks in advance!
    Best Wishes,

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    My suggestion is to have a google search which provides you better idea to work on it. Some of the links are

    Hope this links may help you to resolve your problem.



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    299 this may help.

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    "Does anyone know of a good open source account management \ account login?"

    you probably won't find everything that you want in one package, instead you'll want to take multiple open-source packages and integrate them together.

    for trouble ticketing, i would highly recommend request tracker ( google for 'request tracker' , it's the first link ).

    it's a bitch to get setup for the first time, but it's the best one out there. plus it's free. and open-source. and written in perl.

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