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    question about pdf files


    how does the average user create a pdf file? I know how to create something in photoshop then save it as a pdf, but that's the only way I know how. Can anyone tell me what's the typical way of having a file become a pdf, particularly a file that is mostly text. And I'd like the text to be selectable.

    Thank you and I apologize if this isn't an approriate thread for this forum.

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    Using adobe pdf?...

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    I agree with Akash. That program has a feature that installs a virtual printer on your machine so you can 'print' from programs such as Word and the result will be saved as a .PDF instead of physically printed - very cool.

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    Adobe Photoshop and / or Acrobat Reader I believe
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    Interesting I wasnt sure about how to create a PDF other than Adobe Acrobat etc... Thanks for the info guys

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    Originally posted by 4 Degrees
    Acrobat Reader I believe
    Just to clarify that, Acrobat Reader is the free app that only reads .pdf files. Their program that creates them is simply called Acrobat. It will do the same thing as was described for pdf995 -- you can select it as a printer and the output will be saved as a .pdf file. But, it's not free.
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