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    for sale webhost account


    I need to sell an account I have with a company that I have outgrown and needed a few extras that they couldn't provide me with.

    The hosting account is for :

    10 GB of Web Space
    40GB Bandwidth
    Ensim Control Panel
    10000 Pop3 Accounts
    25 Subdomains (
    Cgi, PHP, perl, ssl, etc.
    5 Mysql Databases
    Free OSCommerce Shopping Cart
    5 Mysql Databases
    FTP Access
    Front page Support
    Static IP
    Spam Filter
    Basic Firewall Protection
    Movie Tutorials
    Free Templates

    I will give you the rest of the information if your interested.
    Then you will have to transfer your domain to it while I transfer mying out.

    I am asking $160 USD for eleven months that are left. That is $14.55 a month I think a good deal.

    The service ends on March 13 2005.

    Hope this is something someone is looking for.

    The service is great and servers are located in Toronto, Ontario .

    PM email or respond here.


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    who is the main host? I maybe interested.

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    Awww man. I keep getting screwed up dealing in two currencies damn it. It's not suppose to be 160 american dollars but 160 Canadian dollars.

    The price in US funds will be $110.00 USD for the 11 months left on account.

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    HMm....before bidding check out If that's your host, it might not be as amazing a deal as one might think... they have great service and support, I use them. but your not saving quite as much as you think.

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    That is who I am using but I am trying to go to a reseller account and don't need this website so I am trying to just sell it for what I paid for it. Not trying to make money, just trying not to lose a lot of it LOL

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