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    Seeking PHP/MySQL or .Net Coder in Ontario, Canada

    We have yet to finalize our exact project expectations.
    This post is meant only to be a preliminary search request.
    The project may be in .net or MySQL, we will be finalizing this in the coming weeks.

    Our company is expanding and we have begun to seek out a PHP/MySQL or a .Net coder for a new project. This will be an ongoing project that is expected to last approximately 2-3 months with a support initiative set into place following the development stage.

    We do prefer to hire only within the Ontario Canada area with a preference being for the candidate to be located in south western Ontario.

    We would like to be able to work closely with the applicant rather then with a company so individuals will receive higher attention.

    We do prefer someone who is up-and-coming because this project will become extensive with additional features being added in the future along with new projects.

    Please understand, this is only a preliminary search however we are hoping to hook up with the right person sooner then later.

    Thank you for your time.

    Please PM to initiate discussion.

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    Hi there,

    I have over 3 yrs experience in PHP/MySQL programming, prior to this I worked with C#. I live east of Toronto, and would be interested in learning more.

    I would PM you, but am unable to do so in this forum for some reason.

    my email address is pmcgrath (at) systemsmanager dot net

    or you can go to my site systemsmanager dot net


    Peter M

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    why dun u just get a co-op student... waterloo has a 4 month work term... u can get a co-op student for 4 months... or UTSC... ?

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