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    Very Pro Hosting Template 4 Sale($125)

    This template was made by but never used i am selling so i can get a custom template made by them.

    Main Page: Here
    Sub Page:Here

    very low quality

    I will start bidding at $80
    Buyout is $125

    If you choose buyout i will include software for you to create your own toolbars make lots of money making for companies.

    version 2 of this template
    spot in portfolio (kind of advertisement)
    Full rights

    Template is zipped and ready to go

    Can't afford it? Well we can work out payments towards the template.

    [email protected] or post here if interested. - Number #1 Soprano Community - Cheap & Reliable Hosting Solutions
    Contact Me - Aim:The 2G Support 03 Msn:[email protected]

  2. Nice use of colors, good luck bud.

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    I swear I have seen a template exactly the same as this made by subtilise, Buttons are the same anyway

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    i can easily download that puppy but also cant just edit it plus i can test rollovers
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    No offense, but it ROCKS!!! Hope you have a great time selling! It will sell I predict.

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    if i wasnt so nice...i would extract all the files of the site w/ my extractor...but im nice so i wont...try ScreenShots next time

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