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    I think I am in over my head

    I have started a website recently and it is really taking off. It is basically an information site but it also contains message boards which are eating up my bandwith. The site is growing really fast. Much faster than I had anticipated. I think I will be needing to get a server within the next few months. I am a little panicked now because I am still an ameteur. Could someone please explain how dedicated servers work? I have been reading this forum for a while but scared to post because you all know a lot more than I do. My partner was helping me with the site but she has had to quit because of personal reasons and now I am all on my own and I am a little stressed out. Any help would be appreciated.

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    how much bandwidth is being used currently? How much bandwidth do you have currently?

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    Get a dedicated server and someone to manage it.

    For dedicated I suggest and for management I suggest

    have fun !

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    You probably aren't prepared to go with ev1 -- you'd want at least semi-managed for now. Nocster or ServerMatrix provide semi-managed servers.
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    servnt have specials which when you compare the price of using a company such as cheetahweb and then a server on top are pretty good on price!
    Their management is absolutely stellar and is fully managed rather then a limited management package on top plus it simplifies the whole thing as your only dealing with one company, although servint 'only' give you 600GB a month with the server and somewhere like say ev1 would give you more. Depends if youd prefer the quality managed services or not.

    As regards esm and cheetahweb, Ive had mixed experiences with them, I never signed up to their plans but did contract them now and again on a as needed pay per fix basis. ESM were great but let me down one time when I needed something doing 'out of hours' and they left my ticket hanging for too long for me to wait, a few hours I guess but without any response and a server down it was enough for me to look elsewhere. Previously they had been great. Gpan from cheetahweb was the person we went to next, great guy for the most part, at least initially, good prices , great service however one one occassion we hired him to help with a plesk migration and restore and there was a complete break in communication before the job was finnished (Im trying to be as diplomatic and impartial as I can be, it may not have been the guys fault but I never got an answer as to why), all of a sudden he was not contactable and didnt finish the job. Up until that incident he had been great. It may have been an unlucky freak issue and Im very aware of how great the two companies have been to many other clients.
    One issue I would raise, with servint the management is just there, however with some companies where you contract 3rd party to admin the server they set hourly limits, like 8 hours a month only before you pay extra, and some of those hours can be allotted to security work out of your control so you can find yourself with less hours, rather then unrestricted access at somewhere like servint.
    200 dollars all in at servint for a p4 2400 600gb , 1 gb ram, 120gb hdd
    how much at ev1 for the same plus 100 a month for limited management?
    Best wishes.

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