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    RAID 1 on Redhat 9 Pro


    I am a Windows programmer messing around with Redhat 9 as I'd like to get into the hosting area.

    How would I set up Raid 1 mirroring in RH9? I know Windows 2000 handles this through the OS. Can Redhat 9 Pro do this, as well? If I buy a Raid Controller Card, would I still need some software?

    I'm clueless when it comes to Linux but I feel that the cost and resource overhead will pay off by using RH9.



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    Yes, software RAID is supported in Linux and support is more than likely compiled in to your Redhat 9 kernel. You can setup software raid using fdisk or during the partitioning setup during the OS install. There are plenty of howtos out there if you take a minute to search google.

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