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    Recommendation for simple 2-item shopping cart?

    I have a client who wants to sell only 2 items on her website.

    OScommerce or something similar is just overkill for her needs... and she wants to be able to easily have her own design.

    So what I am looking for is a simple shopping cart script with the following features:

    1) Ability for customer to add/remove items (like a normal shopping cart) while browsing.

    2) Set tax codes based on billing address. (MUST work for Canada)

    3) Ability to calculate shipping costs, based on specified shipping address.

    4) Payment process integration. (ie: Ability to accept credit cards, mail-in pmts, and COD, etc... - Integration with PaySystems and/or PayPal would be great.)

    5) Easy to "integrate" into the existing website design. (ie: Ability to put "add this item" link anywhere..)

    It must be either PHP or Perl, and NOT a remotely hosted solution.


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    alternative to osc

    try phpshop or look for shopping cart at hotscripts dot com

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