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    HostRemote in NJ?

    Looking to colo a machine at HostRemote as they are about 10 miles from here.

    I was wondering if anyone colocates with them, and if so how has your experience been..

    What kind of prices do they charge?
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    hostremote is expensive. their pipes are not that big either, from what i hear. their clients seem to be happy with the service.

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    I used to be with them when I worked for Digital Princeton. They have a very nice facility. The only downside is bandwidth pricing for larger commits. They are far away from metro rings so the backhauls add alot to the per meg pricing.

    If you are going to be doing less then say 5 megabit and only have a few machines it would be a great place to put them, especially since they are close to you. Talk to Joe Ferri ferrij [AT]

    Tell him Steve K sent you, he will give you a good price, we were one of thier fist customers.

    I also believe has some stuff there.

    They were supposed to be on-net with worldcom the last I herd.

    Good luck.

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    We utilize Host Remote.

    Joe Ferri is pleasant; and very responsive.

    Their pricing is very similar to InFlow's in Philadelphia.

    The facility is nice; and it is built world class.

    Thank you.
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    Originally posted by lostpacket
    I used to be with them when I worked for Digital Princeton.
    You're not with DP anymore?


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    We will be using them as our second datacenter....

    first being NAC
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    well, lostpacket is *working* for telehouse. but i think he still is an employee and shareholder in digital princeton.

    can you say "conflict of interest"? so much for the whole neutrality thing.

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