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    HSphere need Help to correct billing records

    Greetings guys, first post here.
    Have a Hsphere reseller account and am trying to figure out how to delete all my billing records and start over.

    My customers are billed annually. I signed them up for a year and then issued them a credit to show a zero balance.

    Shouldn't they show a credit since they have paid for the year and are only into month 2? It also does not tell me when they are going to expire. I was afraid the system would suspend their account so I disabled billing on all my plans until I could figure this out.

    Does anyone use the billing within Hsphere? Or should I continue to use the method I have done in the past, a good ole excel spreadsheet?


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    Greetings John:

    1. will get you more varied answers as that URL is the community forum for H-Sphere.

    2. While it can be daunting at first in terms of volume, the documentation for H-Sphere Resellers is at

    3. There are a number of ways to accurate record accounting transactions and still be GAAP compliant.

    You could book an annual fee as a liquid asset upon which you earn revenues over time.

    You can also book all of the revenue at once.

    Note: While I had 4.00 in college in all accounting classes; I've not done accounting for years (I'm predominately a system / security admin). So please check with your accountant for details.

    4. Now, I just logged into one of our new yearly accounts (set up by H-Sphere yesterday).

    If you go into on-line invoices, you can see the billing period -- from and to subscription.

    For example, in the account I just logged into, it shows:

    "Your current billing period started on Mar 30, 2004 and ends up on Mar 30, 2005"

    I hope the above helps.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Your provider should be able to help you with such issues. I know we've walked our H-Sphere resellers through billing, plan creation, etc.
    Peter M. Abraham
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