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    Does anyone know the legal ramifications of changing existing accounts to a new/different server.

    the proposed move would be unix to unix therefore no change in service, contol panel would change.

    would the admin simply log in copy the files and move them to the new server or are there more hitches than expected?

    rate changes at alabanza getting too heavy

    thanx all

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    "Does anyone know the legal ramifications of changing existing accounts to a new/different server. "

    Not quite sure "exactly" what you mean but I'm assuming your worried about if a client could go after you for moving them?

    Technically no, they are, afterall your clients. As long as you continue to provide the services advertised then their is no reason for any legal ramifications...

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    If the move in any way goes against your own TOS, then it might not be a bad idea to change your TOS and notify your customers. You may have fall out from the move, and I wouldn't just switch them without making an announcement. Only because you'll get many support emails asking where the old CP went, how to do this and how to do that. Paths might be slightly different and with cgi, this could take down a site completely. Just think of what you'd want to know if your host was moving you to a different system. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    The only real concerns that come to mind are practical as well as legal. Make sure every bit of their site works when you move them. That means cgi scripts, forms, forums, etc. You'll likely have to change paths and more. For that reason, you may want to make preparations (creating duplicate scripts and forms with the new paths), and move a few at a time, testing them at the new location before you move others.

    If you prepare and move with diligence, the move can be mostly transparent to your customers. Do tell them about it beforehand though, as some users will have problems for a short time due to DNS issues and you want your customers to be prepared for it. Telling them about it beforehand is the best way.
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