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    Expired Domain Name: registrar exploiting it?

    I bought a domain name through a webhost in November 2002. I know...

    Anyway, I thought to let the domain name expire, and then re-register it myself.

    According to WHOIS, the domain name expired in November:

    Quote Originally Posted by WHOIS
    Expiration date: 14 Nov 2003 23:56:38
    HOWEVER, Enom, whom the domain name was registered through by my host, has spent the past 5 months using it as a redirect page to affiliate links.

    I was informed that a registrar could hold a domain name for up to 90 days after registration - however, I figure we're pretty much over that limit.

    The domain name has a business attached to it, so I'm eager to reclaim it, but am beginning to feel very frustrated with not being allowed to even re-register it.

    Is this really a normal situation? Do I simply have to wait and wait, or is there something I can do about it? Do I really have to sit and let Enom exploit a company name for their own commercial gain via affiliate links?

    Comments appreciated.

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    Your kidding right? "the domain name has a business attached to it", yet you let it expire on purpose?. Are you stupid?. Don't take that as a personal attack, its an honest question.

    Here is the facts. You did not renew the domain. Its not yours anymore. It can take YEARS for an expired domain to come available again. If its onhold, or in redemption period, you may still be able to renew it, but at a cost of around $250.

    Are you sure the registrar didn't auto-renew it for you, and you simply have their nameservers?


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    RMF, your nick should have been RFM

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    Re: Expired Domain Name: registrar exploiting it?

    Originally posted by I, Brian
    I thought to let the domain name expire, and then re-register it myself.
    That's a VERY serious mistake, I must say.
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    What's the domain? Did the expire date increase? What is its status?
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    eNom is required to pay for your domain name during this time so I would say it is in their right to earn from it's traffic.

    As far as waiting for it to drop. I had an old owner of a domain I picked up last week email me on Monday and wanted to register the domain through me. (Apparently he doesn't understand how things work.) He also thought he would pick it up when it dropped. Unfortunately for him I have plans for development so when he asked for a price to re-aquire I told him he might as well make me his highest offer because he wouldn't like my price.

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    The business name is a brand name, and I'd simply prefer to keep hold of the domain. It's not a direct business domain name.

    However, I am extremely surprised that it takes so long for domain names to become available. It seems a very twisted policy indeed that domain names, once expired, cannot be re-registered for so long.

    I'll contact the old host, get him to renew it, then push it to my account. Probably the best way.

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    domains doesn't stay from nov to april waiting for customer to renew them.

    i think enom did renew the domain andtook it for them to benefit from traffic ?

    but your best option is what you stated renew it and askthe reseller to push it to your account.
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    I've seen it take 2 years for an expired domain to drop

    I've also seen it be 3 months

    and sometimes it's grabbed by the registrar, one of their agents or a servcie like snap.

    if a domain is at *all* important to you *dont* let it expire !
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