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    Community/Online Website Creator

    Are there any community website creators available? I want an app that I can put on my server and have user register. Then they can change content, change template design, whatever. Something in PHP is preferred.

    I heard about CM4All Website Creator but it isn't really what I am looking for. I want something like... Tripod-In-A-Box! It should be made for people mostly HTML illiterate. I know it's a lot but I heard about a program called HiveMaker from one of my friends. Supposedly it has everything I am looking for but the website just says "Coming Soon".

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    Woohoo. Thanks for the quick reply. I looked at subdreamer. I don't even think this does what I want it to do.

    Web Edit Platinum is cool and it has a templating system but it's a little too advanced (and expensive) for the regular user that I am targeting.

    I realize, as well, that my initial post wasn't all that clear.

    To clarify: I need a tool that I can place on my exisiting website that allows people to subscribe and create their own "sub websites". Like Tripod.

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