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    Flash Me! Bid Request

    I'm trying to learn Flash but with everything else I'm doing I don't have time to really take on my own site.

    I'm looking for bids on Flash-ing up my header and logo.

    I'd like something really cool for the header graphic to get it some life and motion.

    And I'd like the mouse curve in the header to swoop down.

    The header graphic I created. I can provide a .PSD with several layers. The Logo was purchased I have an .eps and psd of that.

    I need to know:
    What you'll charge
    What I'll get
    How long will it take for completion.
    I'd also like to be able open and edit your Flash so I can learn how you did it.(reverse-engine)

    Pluses would be anything else you'd offer to get me up and running. (additional Flash, code my PSD, wash my car, etc)

    If interested please post in here. I'm a big fan of competition and open bids. Yeah Captialism!!!.

    Please post bids and questions rather than requesting PMs or IMs.

    Thanks all.

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    Please move to Templates/Graphics Offers and Requests
    Posted in wrong place.

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    Please Delete. I posted in the correct forums.

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    [ARGHH!!! 90 seconds rule!!!]

    Site overall is ok, but you gotta get rid of the oval thing...
    That makes the site look worse.

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