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    Addon domain creation problem.

    Hi ! When I'm in the CPANEL and I click on the options "ADDON DOMAINS" and I entered the infos, I get the error msg:

    Addon Domain Maintenance

    Addon Domain Additions

    Sorry, you have exceeded the maxium allowed subdomains.

    You do not have access to park on top of test

    The subdomain, has been removed. could not be setup. The subdomain xxxx/ was not setup either.

    I'm not sure to understand well the infos I must enter in this section:

    Current Addon Domains
    New Domain Name:
    Username/directory/subdomain Name:

    Is the username is the user of cpanel ? What is the directory ? The directory where the address is pointed to ? why I must enter a subdomain ? I don't need one. Please help me !

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    That is just how cPanel works.. you need to give it a subdomain name. Therefore, you need to be have access to create subdomains. You should have an option to setup "redirection" where you can specify a folder or file to redirect to. You would still FTP in using the domain owner's username and just place files in the directory you setup for the redirection.
    An add-on domain is merely a domain alias that gets its own virtual host entry in httpd.conf (which is setup as a subdomain with the add-on domain listed as a ServerAlias for some strange reason).

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