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    * Help Please!!

    Dear guys, I was working with hostabox (I know , very bad) and several of my customers are very angry with current situation.

    Currently I'm migrating host content to others providers but I've a problem with the DNS as far as they were registered by hostabox on namecheap and other sites.

    So in order to translate them to actual IP's needs to be themselves who logs in the DNS provider in order to change the name to IP relation.

    The problem is that hostabox people is died so, thereis no people for do this and the DNS providers don't like to hear anything about the question. Their answer is like 'this task must be carried out by who has the account in our system'.

    Does somebody any idea about how to change/delete these DNS entries in order to make possible to point to the right place IP ????

    Many thanks in advance, as far as if not I've will run in problems.

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    All registra's have a way to get your domain name if you provide proof of ownership and id. Ask them what their procedure is.
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    The namecheaper said me :


    The domain are not in your account and are not in your name either. There is no way we can give you any access to the domains if you do not meet atleast one of the above qualifications. This is our policy and we will not modify this in any way.


    And now ŋ?

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    You have login to domain control. You have to show proof the ownership of those domain names. Normally, is the administative email address. I don't see any thing wrong the namecheaper did. If some one else origally registered the domain names, ask him/her to get username/password, then pass it to you. Or ask him/her transfer the domain names to other registrator.


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    The problem is that the person who registered the domains arenīt replying to emails (their emails and servers are down), so he canīt transfer them away or ask them to do that. All emails would bounce.

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    Ouch, give them a call. Look up the company in Whois and give the owner of the domain acall. See then what happpens. If he is ignoring you on purpose, then tough luck :-/

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    Has any Hostabox victim found a solution for this issue yet?


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    Maybe this helps:

    I am not sure if it can apply or not...

    Good luck
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