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  1. #1 Are They Telling Lies?

    This is the response I am getting from there tech support, from the responses from webhosting talk it seems they are down plus it takes for ever to get a response this took a half an hour.
    Plus nothing is working on there sites, who can we believe?

    Tech: Welcome to Dot5hosting! How can I help you?
    you: what are you doing about the servers that are down?
    you: DO you know how much longer thay are gogin to be down
    you: ?
    you: Also your affiliates page does not work did you know that?
    you: Plus your support page.
    you: hello
    you: hi
    you: you there?
    you: hello
    you: Is there any one that works here?
    Tech: yes
    you: hi
    Tech: How may i help you?
    you: I cant a few things to work on your website
    you: your support is down and also the affliates page is down
    you: plus the testimonial page is down, and the community forums is down.
    you: Are you guys all right?
    you: Hello
    you: ?
    you: You there
    you: ?
    Tech: our website is undergoing updation and it will be updated in 2 weeks.
    Tech: you can use the link for the support page
    you: ok I am seeing form talk forums that you gus are ahving server problems is that true, or am I going to be ok with signing up with you?
    you: Please be honest I need a reliable host, also I cant call in on your number.
    Tech: we are updating the site
    Tech: and there fore hte forums are down
    you: no, talk forums like webhostingtalk and others that are saying that your servers are down that is what I am talking about.
    Tech: no sir
    you: hello ?
    you: ok
    Tech: All our server are up
    you: ok, thank you I just wanted to make sure.

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    Can you name a specific server that is down?
    Jim Reardon - jim/

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    Im guessing the threads you may have read here were for rather than

    Is that correct?

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    You don't know??

    Like 12 Servers are down


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    Egad, we're reporting this error!
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    According to what I see.. They are moving servers over. Monitoring could show that it is down, however their new servers could have an IP change and not registered on their status monitor. As for uptime and load averages not showing up.. simply they forgot to readd the server_status.php script back to their root /var/www/html. I could help out any Dot5 customers that are seeking a new webhost.

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    These servers have been down for about a week now.

    ftp access does not work
    control panel does not work
    phpmyadmin does not work
    ssh access has been taken away

    I moved to a new webhost a few days ago from a backup on my HDD, but need access to some files to migrate. In short, stay away from Dot5.

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