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    Question Is Paysystems Timing out for you?

    Has anyone else noticed lately that Paysystems is either completely timing out or very slow when processing credit cards?

    I've had a few signups and clients complain about this and it is really frustrating me. People can't pay so they go elsewhere as they cannot sit there and wait for whatever is suppose to happen.

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    I haven't noticed anything myself, and I test just then seemed speedy. However last night I had someone order twice because they thought it hadn't gone through. Unfortunately they changed something on the form the second time so it wasn't pick up as a duplicate so I've now had to refund the second order.

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    Yes, i had a client from USA that said this. It might have something to do with the things that the payment was made near 00:00 hour when maybe there are some maintanece procedrues?
    I had no problems with other clients.

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