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    Stay Away From Dot5!!!

    Whatever you do, do NOT fall for their current double your diskspace and bandwidth promo. They cannot currently support even the customers they have. Multiple servers are down and have been down for over a week!

    My brother and I have hosted a site with them for a year. Last week our site, email, and FTP access went down for 6 days. Their tech support told us everyday "We made DNS changes and the site will be up in 12 hours max." Well, 6 days later, the site did come up - but it was an old version of our site which they had obviously backed up! The email and FTP access are still down and there is no response from Dot5.

    In addition to this major service and response issue, many aspects of their "new" site still do not function. Try clicking on "Affiliates" or their "Support" links. Both report an error which has been present for almost a month now.

    Warning, warning, Danger Will Robinson - stay away from Dot5!

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    Sorry to hear about your problems -- hope you find somewhere better
    Jim Reardon - jim/

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    Good Luck!

    You should start looking for a new host. Good luck!

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    There have been a few posts like this recently.

    Other references to Dot5's Current problems :

    Sad indeed... Good luck in finding a new Host

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    I believe that company has been at the top of WHT headlines all week unfortunately
    - Tim

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    Do I miss their cheerleading!
    Where are they.
    Last year telling us how wrong we where?
    I think one had a bird name?
    Where are they now? Who are they hosting with?
    No, it is not me!
    No, I did not do it!

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    The bird name was WHT username sparrow.

    The site was, which apparently is no longer with dot5.

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