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    UCV Host Web Hosting

    Hi all,

    I would like to share with you the experience I am having with UCV Host web hosting. DO NOT BE TEMPTED by their attractive pricing for PHP, Perl, ASP, ASP.Net etc etc It has taken me numerious calls to get just half of what they advertise to work. It would appear that they only install the software on their servers when you complain that they dont work - I guess this save them time but is a problem if you are expecting it to work!

    Getting them to complete their server install is also a problem - I have NEVER EXPERIENCED SUCH POOR SUPPORT as I have with UCV host. They do not reply to emails. Thay offer support via ICQ/Messenger live chat but they seem to provide untrained chimps to provide their support because there are ever increasing gaps in the chat so that after an hour of no progress you give up.

    DO NOT BE TEMPTED BY UCV Host's offer of hosting for $1 a month - YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.

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    Well if you only pay $1/month that can be expected. Isn't your website worth more than $1

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    Sorry to hear about your problems, good luck finding somewhere new (try host quote!)
    Jim Reardon - jim/

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    If they only install software on request... thats quite lame.. No idea what they must do with their free time though...

    Recommend you up your budget a little and start looking for some god offers and hosts that actually know how to run a server

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