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    Bandwidth 10Mbps?

    Which is better?
    If this 10mbps is gonna be shared with possible thousands of other servers or getting a dedicated line of about 512k?

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    If your talking thousands of servers I would purchase a commit of 512k.

    You figure 512kx2 is about a 1M

    If each server used about 512K it would run out of bandwidth at around 5 servers. So if there is thousands or even hundreds and the pricing isn't that different order the 512k commit.
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    is the 10mbps line known to be shared with other servers or are you just thinking it might be?

    whos the provider?

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    You should just ask the provider if the 10Mbps is dedicated to you and/or guaranteed to always be fully available.

    If not, ask them how many other users share it, and if they have any sort of contention control -- as in, are you guaranteed any certain amount of throughput?
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    that 10mbps is shared for sure. So I guess it depends on time when it's less busy etc, I usually only get about 20k download speed. It might sound unreal, the the provider says the 10/100Mbps is shared among tons of servers.. I know there are also a number of gaming servers. I personally prefer to with the dedicated 512k.

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    Not to deviate from the question, but couldn't you just find a company that doesn't make sure share the port?

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    10Mbps bandwidth for a single 'customer', the isp might charge quite alot lol I would have love that if it wasn't for cost lol.. the 2 sample I stated was comparing between 2 similar cost packages. But maybe I should try find out the cost for a 10Mpbs

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    $300-$1000 depending on quality.

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    blythe, if you want help finding deals like that you might should leave some contact information, since your email and PM doesn't work.

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    I would recommend They have some great co-location deals and are flexable. Their support is fairly decent, have a superb network, with oustanding bandwidth carriers.

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    I second that, they have a 2 ring answer by human SLA on their support phone number, now that's just the beginning!

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