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    DDS Dedicated Servers - FREE Plesk 7 - Root Access - $24.95

    DDS Dedicated Servers - A Better Way to Host!

    True Dedicated Performance - Virtuozzo VE Technology
    Total Administrative Control (Root Access)
    Total Upgrade Protection - Free Server Upgrades - No Downtime
    Total Data Protection - OS Level Restores
    Award Winning Plesk 7 Control Panel (cPanel Available)
    Un-metered Data Transfer (Burst to 5Mbps)
    Fair Share Bursting Technology
    Availability Monitoring and 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
    Basic and Premium "Fast Attack" Support
    No Setup Fees
    Month-to-Month Contracts
    Rapid Provisioning - Get Started Now!

    Starting at $24.95

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    K. Beardmore

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    unmetered transfer, so i can pump 100mbps thats ok?

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    If you re-read the post, it states "Burst to 5Mbps".
    K. Beardmore

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    how much space? (sorry to bump) how much is cpnael

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    Virtuozzo VE technology?

    not familliar with this completely but my question is do you get root access?
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    Yes - Root Access is included.
    Disk Space is 2GB for the $24.95 ddsPro.
    K. Beardmore

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