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    Wanting the world

    I find that many users seem to want the world.
    They want cheap bandwidth, so cheap you can't do it without throdling. They want the best equipment and service and wan't to pay so low the hostt has to cut corners to make the deal.
    Then all you hear is complaints about hosts.

    You get what you pay for.

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    Perhaps then if you have forums, or an FAQ on your site, you can help them to understand that hosting can and should cost more than a happy meal When they go to McDonald's, they don't expect to get filet mignon in return do they? If you take the time to help clients realize the value of the business itself, and what they're sacrificing in return for $1 a month hosting, you'll either gain a client then, or perhaps when their decided upon budget host fails them, a return visitor willing to pay a bit more for far better quality.


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    Agrees 100% with Matt

    You have to set the right expectation. At the same time you have to believe in your service and stay firm. Sometimes you will lose customers. This is why you should first have at least a basic business plan. You should have done your homework, before entering this business. You are not in china town trying to hustle a piece of jewlery. If the customer is serious about their business they will pay that extra 5 - 10 bucks a month.
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    I suscribe to quoting and I cannot quote for what people are requesting.

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