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    Copyright Question

    Suppose I buy a couple of web templates from the same source.

    Is it a copyright violation to take images from one template and use it in the other in order to create a customized template?

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    when they sell you the templates, don't they technically sell you the copyrights to it?

    thusly shouldnt you be able to do whatever you want with it?

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    Originally posted by JYC
    when they sell you the templates, don't they technically sell you the copyrights to it?
    No, unless it explicitly mentioned. You're simply 'allowed' to use the template once you pay the fee.

    Technically you'd be using copyrighted material to create a work of your own. It would depend on how serious the artist was about protecting that copyright I suppose. Templates are a bit of a funny business though as they are generally assumed to be something that will be modified anyway - maybe not to that extent however. Best thing to do would be to ask.
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    Not unless you buy exlusive rights and still its questionable then.

    Like others have said in this thread when you purchase a template from a website like Template Monster or others that are out there. You are normally just buying the right to display it on your webiste. You do although have the right to alter it to make it fit your needs more. But taking parts of it and re-using them in a completely different template i dont know about that.

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    Copyright is a funny thing, I suggest before buying next time, that you ask the company, or persons you are buying from if they are passing along that copyright.
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    Usually you're licensed to use the template (or any part thereof -- seeing as otherwise you couldn't customize it) for personal use. You wouldn't be able to redistribute or sell your custom template though.
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