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    I'm selling my domain name "". It is registered at GoDaddy and will expire on 04/29/04.

    Here are some possible uses for this domain name:

    • Anonymous name servers for your resellers (,, etc.)
    • A small dedicated server hosting business (like serverbeach, servercity, etc.)
    • A small VDS/VPS hosting business
    • A game hosting community
    • And others....

    I don't know how much this domain name is reasonably worth, so I'll just start the bidding off at $5. And in 48 hours from now, the highest bidder will get the domain name. I'll be sure to be around to answer any questions anyone might have. So if you have any questions, you can PM me or just reply to this post.


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    Ill do $5

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    Is this domain still available for sale?

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    Originally posted by doctorate
    Is this domain still available for sale?
    Yes. It's still for sale. I'll be taking bids for this domain for about 2 days and then the highest bidder gets it.

    The cut-off time for bids is: Friday, 04-02-2004 04:00 PM.

    (But that's because I'm seeing "03-31-2004 04:00 PM" as the timestamp on my original post. You may very well see a different timestamp because of time zone settings (???). So if you do see a different timestamp just add 48 hours to it, and that will be your cut-off time to bid.)



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    Also, just in case if anyone is hesitant to bid because of my very low post count here at WHT, here's my feedback profile from ebay:

    Ebay Member Profile

    I joined the WHT forums almost a year ago, but mostly lurked.



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    The current high bidder is robdavy with $20. And there is about 2 hours left until the bidding deadline.

    Judging by other domains selling here, I really thought I would get a better price, but oh well... No matter what the final price ends up being, the domain is guaranteed to sell to someone.

    Also, I should mention that it's 6:00 AM where I'm located at, and I need to head off to work. So I won't be able to contact the winning bidder until later this evening.
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    is this domain still available?

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    Domain is sold!

    Thanks robdavy for the smooth transaction.

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