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    best type of server for server clusters?

    best type of server for server clusters (for php/mysql driven content site, with a good amount of mysql writing, for every three reads there is one write)? (right now i am starting to max out one p4 with 1gb ram.)

    early on...

    1. 1 dual xeon 2gb ram


    2. 2 p4 1gb ram

    once i need more power...

    1. 2 dual xeon 2gb ram


    2. 4 p4 1gb ram

    i know at a certain point a custom setup makes the most sense (but i likely won't ever get to that point)

    any ideas/input is appreciated.

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    We've found a single P4 1Gb ram and a Dual P3 2 Gb ram works great. Kind of the best of both worlds.
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    go with more drives aka 2 p4s

    you dont need the proccessing power of the xeons. most people dont

    I swear i am going to stpo posting with this crappy 90 sec wait time

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    mgphoto what kind of drives do you have in them (and has that altered / shown up in performance)? which system do you use for what? what are the strengths/weakness of each server?

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