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    HiveMail hosting ... need dedicated hosting ???

    Hi guys,
    I am looking for shared hosting plan, where I can use HiveMail script ( to provide web mail service to my clients...

    Could you please tell me what type of hosting plan I should get if I want to create 200 - 300 accounts with 2 MB/ account?

    i wrote to RocketHost and some other hosting companies regarding this, and I got reply from HostRocket so far: " Based on the information provided, hivemail will work on our servers. Although the email gateway will not."

    What does this mean? (in plain english

    I got email from MidPhase, saying I can use the script with their shared hosting ...I email Zak here to make sure that it is true...

    But meanwhile...

    Please let me know where I can get shared hosting where i can run the HivaMail script.

    Thanks for the help.

    HiveMail requirements:
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    so true. is dedicated to exactly what your looking for, Possibly you could give them a try, Prices are very reasonable and i have heard support is top notch.

    Hope this helps

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    anyone already hosted with here?
    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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    Their plans look ok...

    I am looking for a plan where I can run vBulletin and Hivemail for about 500 members...

    Any more suggestions?


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    Users can make recommendations only. Please no offers. This thread has already been cleaned numerous times.

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    I have signed up with yesterday, and seems like even their website is down...

    "4Hosted", do you know what's going on?

    Anyway, guys please suggest me a hosting company where I can run vBulletin and HiveMail with shared hosting.


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    Sorry Hockey,

    I have no affiliation with .. the website seems to be up and working here though.

    Best of luck

    P.S if you mean seems their website is down here too, no idea what is wrong though. Hopefully they come back up though

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    Oh I am sorry, the hosting site is down...not the

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