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    * Business Cards for starters !

    Essential Printing Services is a Belgian company that provides all kinds of printing and prepress services.
    It's time to go international !

    Business Cards Regular Format,
    Offset, Quadri, Recto/verso (twosided), 350grms Ivoline paper

    -You also have a free choice between printing on mat or glossy paper.
    - On our website you have more options (formats, etc.)
    - Cards are being shipped FREE in Europe

    250 cards for 70
    500 cards for 100
    1000 + 500 FREE cards for 145 *

    For prices in dollars please contact me.

    So if I can help any of you guys just let me know, maybe its handy for people that have a webhosting business etc.
    I'm also looking for resellers worldwide with nice commisions so don't hesitate to contact me. I'm almost sure that those are nice prices ;-)

    Gianni - EPS

    *special action only valid for glossy cards, special action valid on ALL formats

    We are also looking for somebody that can give our website a little pro boost. It looks to 'basic' right now.
    We are a Belgian prepress company but we're growing fast and next month we'll go international. Please contact us with portfolio, possibility's, prices etc.
    More info will be send by email.
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    I'll keep you guys in mind for your printing services since i live close to the belgian border (Netherlands).

    You guys are a lot cheaper than my local printer and it wouldn't be hard to be a lot more professional

    Do you guys also do businesspapers?

    Bummer that i don't have time for a site boost atm. Otherwise we would be able to exchange 'services' And the first thing on my list when i have some spare time again is to upload my own portfolio + site.

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    Thats a good idea. I'll keep this forum bookmarked for future reference

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