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    Arrow - Colocate This! - Server company..

    How much for ""? Could be used for a business that builds servers for colocation.

    Thanks in advance..

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    If you think there's use for then you could charge it as high as you want. But note this, how common is colo this used in server colocations? The more common the words then more people will type into the search engines. That leads to possible hits to that particular Website, which worth more that way.

    However, if you register your domain name for the sole of branding and lack type-ins and link popularities then you could try developing it. Make it into a Website, that serves as a message board, chatroom, selling goods, and etc... That's another way of increasing the value of your domain name.

    Base on those criterias, doesn't worth much at all. It should worth whatever price you register the name as.

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    Thanks for your opionion. Anyone else?

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