ClanHQ Hosting was designed to host primarily gaming websites, used to be located at As of this weekend, it went through a makeover, and in order to expand the clanhq network was moved to Even though this site is targeting gaming sites, we'll host virtually any site.

As a "re-opening" special, I'm offering 2nd month free on any of our plans. This goes no matter how you order: Whatever plan you get, your billing cycle will be bumped 1 month ahead, so for example if you get 6 months (which is naturally 6th month free), you'd end up getting 7 months, with 2 months free instead.

In order to get this, just sign up and mention WHT in the comments area of the order form. IF you have questions, feel free to contact clanhqsales on AIM or sales AT clanhq DOT net on msn (or email).