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    Question Whos the best managed hosting provider

    I am looking for this specs for 2 servers

    Duel motherboard , with single processor.
    1,024 MB DDR RAM
    2 x 36 GB SCSI hard drive or IDE with RAID1
    Appromaxtly 200-300 GB of data transfer monthly (Please explain is it
    included incoming and outgoing traffic). We dont have a big traffic sites
    but may be in the future it will be need for our couple of clients.
    5 IP address (Included 2 for our own name servers, NS1 and NS2). All
    IPs need to be Protected by FloodGuard or other if you have any suggestions.
     Control panel software Plesk 7.0 100 domains licence. (expendable to
    unlimited licence) or Cpannel
     O/S updates and patches by he host.
     Network and Host Based IDS.
     Service Monitoring like FTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, Terminal Services,
     System Monitoring like Drive Space, Processor usage, Server Load,
     On demand Vulnerability Assessments and System Event Monitoring.
     On demand Systems Administrative Service (like 1 or 2 hours if
     Backup / mirroring, mainly the 2nd server will be used as a mirror,
    if something goes wrong with the primary server the secondary server will be
    up automatically.
     Daily backups.

    Very good and quick support

    I read a lot in here about the SM and other. I send an emails to SM, The Planet, Hostway and other
    I get replay after 2 days and still some queries but havent get any responce.
    Rackspace is very good but very expensiev.
    My budjet is in between 300-400 US$
    I know, but I dont know what I know, but I know that what I know is good...

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    Duel motherboard
    does it exist?

    btw, have you checked out ServInt?
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    sorry for that actually its Xeon
    I know, but I dont know what I know, but I know that what I know is good...

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    There are 4 words.
    best managed dedicated server
    Try to put them on the search box first
    You will get the results

    If this is a request then it is the wrong section

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    It depends how "managed" you need. If you don't know anything about linux, you're best option is to get an unmanaged server and pay someone $100-$150/mo to manage it for you.
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