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    Unixhoster: farewell

    Following a long tradition in these forums, I'd like to post my experiences with Unixhoster. I was one of those unfortunate souls whose website was inherited by when went under.

    Since then, the DNS service has been apalling, and several periods of downtime over the last year have left me without email and access to my website for up to two days. Of course this usually corresponds with the timing of a particularly vital email that I'm waiting to receive.

    Last saturday I woke up to find the same thing had happened again. Now a little jaded and used to this, I didn't bother contacting them until Sunday, when I was told that something had gone wrong at their datacenter. A little later I found out that it was a hard disk crash, causing their server, containing the websites of over 500 clients, to lose 100% of their data. They promised to get a new server up and running in 24 hours.

    I waited 48 hours, and then cancelled my account. To be fair they did offer to refund my money.

    Lessons to be learnt.
    - don't assume your web host is backing things up. That would require an extra server and a clue.
    - 5 days without email is an incredibly long time.
    - You get what you pay for. 3USD a month was OK while I was using it as a test server, but as soon as I moved my main email address on to there, it was the start of a game of Russian Roulette.
    - The flashiness of the hoster's website is not a good measure of their ability.

    Adios Amoebas.

    Random Punter.
    P.S. Any suggestions for good, reliable hosting services would be appreciated, as would any positive stories about crashes and recovery on other webhosts.

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    Wow, that's terrible. What type of hosting are you looking for now? Shared, dedicated?

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    Least they offered to refund your money thats better than a lot of companies I've heard about.
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    yes, it seems that they are not willing to cheat but the problems do happen.. anyhow as a customer we need better service whatever may be the reason for problem with host.
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    Yup your best bet is to find a new host!

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    3$ for a server? Or just an shared hosting account?

    That was really bad for you..

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