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    Secure Forms and :-(

    Hi all:-)

    I know there have been many posts about this, but I still cannot find the 'right answer'.

    I'm running phpCoin as my billing manager, and want to set up a secure form for CC billing information, which then sends it encrypted to my server....from where I have to retrieve it.

    I heard about this method....have no idea how to do it. Anyone want to give me a hand? The form is practically finished except for the above problem!



    P.S. I am not looking for any type of 'pay program' to use....!

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    Write a PHP or Perl script that you call via a form POST to an SSL URL. Use some type of the passcode encryption functions available with PHP or Perl. Keep in mind that it is never ever ever a good idea to store credit card information on an online server, even if you are using strong encryption.

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