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    CPM That go with google

    Can anyone suggest me of a good CPM Banner advertising company that is compatible with google ads? Like if I put their ads on my site together with Google Ads I won't get in trouble...

    They have to allow sites that provide free stuff/hosting too..I know its rare but there has to be one out there somewhere..

    Thanks all

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    You won't get into trouble with Google. Google doesn't really care as long as you don't have 2 instances of adsense.

    What you should be worried about is other companies getting mad at you having google (all it takes is a brief look through their TOS)


    I used them in about 2000-01, they used to have great CPM banners before internet advertising collapsed. I sold the site that I advertised with them on, and haven't used them since, but I know a bunch of other people that used them when I was using them are still with them, so it might be worth your while to take a look.
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    interneat is correct, they don't forbid you from running other networks that are banner based, however you can only have one "text ad" network at a time, however you can use a secondary text ad network as a backup for google instead of getting PSA's.

    scary TOS if you ask me

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    I am going to be trying out - they do some CPM and CPC. is good to, but they don't do CPM or CPC, just Leads and Sales.


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