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    Pleaase tell me about ...


    I just signed up for a free one week trial at because they seem to offer a very inexpensive (although also low volume) plan for multi-domain hosting.

    But I don't have any experience with, so if you have some experience with them, please tell me about your experience.

    Then I can make a good decision to pay for their service when the free trial is over, or go somewhere else for paid service.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Been with HostingTrade for close to 12 months.

    Never had a problem with them, and they reply fairly quickly to email support.

    One thing though: when you need to to have ssl you have to buy a dedicated ip address for one year - they don't allow it to be broken down into mthtyl/qtly payment with your normal hosting charges- only a small thing , but other than that highly recommended.

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    In my opinion, HostingTrade is still doing a great job. Their staff is highly competent.


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