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Thread: Domain transfer

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    Domain transfer

    I got a personal website hosted at OnMatrix but their support sucks bigtime, now I want to transfer the domain to GoDaddy hosting service.

    The GoDaddy hosting guys says that they will mail to the admin contact of my domain to confirm that I own that domain. But the problem is when I registered my domain with OnMatrix, I gave an email address which I no longer use. (it's from my previous cable modem company) I tried to contact OnMatrix folks about it, but no help.

    Any ideas how to solve this problem?

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    Try contacting GoDaddy and let them know of your situation. Provide them with the name of the previous address, and any other information they might require, and I am sure things will be worked out.

    Good luck!
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    The only thing you can do is to keep trying to get a hold of someone at OnMatrix. Your situation is a drag.

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    Try and get in contact with OnMatrix

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    Learn your domains real registrar at first. I think onmatrix is just a domain reseller. So they are working with a registrar. Then contact with the domain register and send them a copy of your identity card via email.

    They will change the email adress for you to new one.

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    Do you have a control panel for your domain?

    If you do, just log on and update your email information.

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