Looking for advice folks. Just been contacted by another webmaster who knew of my site before when it was on a free host. Now that I have gone for paid hosting with a my own domain name, he has offered me a Revshare partnership using Ibill.
Terms are 40% on all sales, and for as long as the referred keeps coughing up the $$.

Now this is all new ground for me, is there anyone who can point out the downside, and what the pitfalls could be.
I know the site in question has been up for years, but could there be a problem with for instance charge backs? etc. I presume if my referal did a charge back, then I would be penalised on future, or pending commissions , am I right?

May be a couple of days before I can get back here, but I would gladly welcome any info and experiences


Ps it's not a hosting site by the way