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    Problems with Equivity

    3 months ago I switched to Equivity. Immediately, I started seeing headers attached to my email subjects on incoming mail, and I could not turn them off.

    In the past month, I personally found the server down 8 times. No telling how many times it was down when I was out of the office at customer sites.

    Then today, I get a phone call from a company I do a lot of business with and they said any email they send me gets bounced back. They use AT&T Broadband. I later find out, the same day, that a Comcast user is getting their mail bounced back. I then try to send email to one of my domains from a account and it bounces back.

    When I contact Equivity, they tell me those 3 domains are on a RBL List they are using from Sorbs. Great. They tell me that when I have that problem to send them the headers. DUH, the people can't send me the headers because their email is heading bounced when they try to send to me.

    I then tell Equivity to disable this Sorbs RBL list from my account and they verify that they did. Then, an hour later they tell me they can't and to basically get lost. They disable my access to their BBS where they post server information and tell me to contact their sales when I find a new hosting company.

    Well, when I find a company that had that type of customer service, I usually vote with my feet, and I will be leaving them as soon as I find that hosting company.

    Anyone know of a reasonably priced reseller company that gives me the option whether I want to use an RBL list or not?

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    RBL list, please be clear


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    It is not easy to enable or disable a RBL list on a cpanel server on a domain basis, but it can be done if the hosting company is willing to tweak the Exim config file for you. I suggest you contact some host and ask them first if they use RBL if so will the turn it off for your domain.

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    They are using the Sorbs list and it was blocking mail from ATTBI.COM, COMCAST.NET and CHARTER.NET. Those are 3 domains I found were being blocked because business associates called me and told me their email to me was being bounced.

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    I'm getting kicked off my yahoogroups because of sorbs.

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