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    RimuHosting Launches VPS-based Plesk7 Reseller Plans

    Plesk 7 Reseller Plan Launch
    RimuHosting is pleased to announce the launch of UML-based VPS servers running the Plesk 7 control panel. Plesk 7 is the very latest version of the popular reseller control panel from sw-soft. The new v. 7 look is very clean and professional. We chose it over cPanel for its performance, stability and ease of use.

    Plan Stats
    The Virtual Private server gives you full root access to the server. And the UML-software we use ensures you have the highest possible degree of security and performance separation from other VPSs running on the server.

    The VPS-D Plesk Plan details are:
    • $54.95/Month
    • 192 MB Memory (256MB is +$15/month)
    • 30 GB Transfers from the highly regarded Peer1-NYC data center
    • 8 GB Main Disk
    • 2 GB space on a separate drive from your main files (for backups).
    • 4 IPs Included
    • Root SSH (of course)

    Fully Featured Plesk Install
    During the VPS-D Plesk Plan launch we will be installing the complete set of sw-soft Plesk add-on software for no extra cost. This includes an incredible $350 worth of Plesk Add-on software:
    • A 100 domain license.
    • SpamAssassin Anti-SPAM Support Interface.
    • Application Pack (including Mambo site builder, osCommerce e-commerce solution, php BB bulletin board,
    • Gallery picture gallery, bbClone counter, phpBook guestbook, and gtChat chat engine).
    • Tomcat Support.
    • Multi-level Support Trouble Ticketing System.

    During the Plesk reseller plan launch we will set these accounts up on a Dual 2.4Ghz Xeon SuperMicro host server with RAID1 disks and 4GB of ECC memory. The server is located at the Peer1-NYC data center. You can test the network with this file:

    About RimuHosting
    RimuHosting is one of the first companies to offer UML-based VPS accounts. We do our best to offer great service. And take pride in the positive feedback we get from customers.

    If you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion you can do so here:

    If you would like to order the plan, you can do so from here:
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    Yes, RimuHosting are among the few commercial UML hosting providers officially recognised by the makers of UML.
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    :: VDSP.Net :: Directory of virtual and dedi serv providers by location and price

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