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    * Teres is any reseller that allow sell reseller accounts?

    Hi there Iwould like to know if there is any reseller with cpanel and WHM that would allow me also to sell reseller accounts?

    Is this possible with WHMcpanel?


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    yeh there are many hosts that allow a reseller to resell again. i don't know of them all but i think one good one is u might have to re-check that url but im pretty sure that's what it is.
    they have some good plans and reviews.

    only thing is im not sure if they allow to re-sell with whm/cpanel u might have to ask..

    good luck

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    I would do a search on noc24. before signing up, they have had their share of problems the last few months.

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    Selling reseller accounts from within a reseller account is a recipe for disaster IMO, especially with overselling enabled. Not to mention it would be an administrative nightmare. If you really need to offer your customers reseller accounts, I would look at one of two solutions:

    1 - find an inexpensive (I didn't say cheap, I said inexpensive) dedicated server - preferably one that includes REAL full management if you aren't familiar with running a server of your own.

    2 - find a host that offers reseller packages that has some type of affilliate program, or better yet find someone that will offer you wholesale rates on their reseller accounts. If you find someone that will sell to you wholesale, you can just concentrate on sales and basic support and let them handle the rest.
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    yah you could sell any packages from WHM , it's a reseller panel really

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    Yup you can be a reseller off a reseller

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