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    A potential client needs flash....and I don't know it! Want the project? :-)

    Hey guys:-)

    I had a potential client contact me about my webdesign services the other day. However, this person wants a flash site similar to this:

    They are a record label who might want a second site done in the near future....for their recording studio. Right now, they are looking for a site to be done for just their label.

    Anyone want to take up the offer and give me a quote? I have no idea how to do flash (I just started teaching myself)

    If all goes well and this person likes your price(and your portfolio), I might ask you to throw in a little flash banner for MY site in return for the business. I'll have all the graphics done....I just need someone to animate!


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    Hi, I might be able to help

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    I can help you.

    Hello Catherine,

    I just saw the site you talked about and I am pretty sure we could work together on this. Indeed I have been doing some web design for a while and Flash is really what I love to do. Therefore I will also gladly help you with your banner to create something you like.

    Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] so we can talk about this.



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