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    * Last days for J&M Hosting's Price match any company!!!

    Hello, Just thought i'd let you all know that March is coming to a close, which means these are the last few days for everyone to get our price match plans. Yes that's right, J&M Hosting will match the disk space, bandwidth and price of ANY hosting company. Doesn't matter if you pay by the month or year, and ALL plans come with our 30 day money back policy. Details Below!!!!

    Now through April 1ST 2004 J&M Hosting would like to say, We are offering everyone this great deal, J&M WILL MATCH any and all prices from another hosting company. That''s right, You show us a hosting company on the web that has a deal you like, and you can get that deal with J&M Hosting!!!!

    These rules apply, J&M Must see the Company website, The Hosting Company must be no less then (1) One year old. Offer applys TO ALL Hosting and Reseller plans that go up to 12 GIG''s of disk space, and 80 gig''s of bandwidth. J&M Host will match the price for (1) One Year of service. ALL PLANS also feature our 30 Day Money Back Policy.

    Send your request for this plan to [email protected] and we will process your account today!!!

    J&M Will put there money where there mouth is, Would the other hosting companys?

    There is no hidden fees or anything, it's all there.

    So head on over to today. And see this deal along with all the other deals we have to offer today!!

    Questions? [email protected] will help you

    Offer vaild on Reseller AND regular hosting plans!!!

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    * Finial Hours!!!

    Hello Everyone,

    This is the finial Hours of this great March Sell. It's currently 9:44 PM here at J&M Hosting. Which means you have only 2 hours to take part of this deal. Place your order for this deal by sending a email to [email protected], or filling out our Contact Us form on our website. If your wondering what deal, read the above post. This is a great deal, don't let it go right on by you. Place your order before 12:00 AM Tonight. You can also sign up for one of our regular Hosting or Reseller plans. Just head on over to

    Thanks again. [email protected]

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