Hi, I have a notebook which I use to access a computer network both at my work "workgroupA" and at home "workgroupB".

It is really frustrating when I am trying to get on either network because in order to access any resources on the network, you need to change the current workgroup settings on the laptop to do so. And by doing that, I need to restart for changes to go into effect, and after it restarts, I lose all the network folders and settings that were there from the previous workgroup.


I go to work, Im on the local network via "workgroupA" and everything is fine. Then I come home and I can't see any of my home computers because their workgroup is set to "workgroupB", so i change the settings in my laptop to reflect my home workgroup. I have to restart but I can get on my home network now. I have to do this again when I go back to work tomorrow, and the cycle goes on and on...

Is there a way around this. Im sure of it, I just havent figured it out yet. Someone point me in the right direction.