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    Soccer in the States

    What do you think is happening to Americans view of soccer in the US? With the departure of many big names in the MLS and the collapse of the WUSA, what is the future of soccer in america?

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    Soccer Moms driving vans

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    I don't actually think soccer was that popular to begin with, it's overshadowed by more 'entertaining' sports such as football, or basketball. Playing soccer for almost 15 years, I know it's a big dissapointment, but from my point of view, I don't think that it'll be a drematic drop from the small group of people that usually watch it (compared to the numbers that watch football, basetball, etc.)

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    see, thats your problem right there.
    "soccer in the states" - its called football.

    Few years ago I was in the US, I was driving by a soccer field, and they were training... with their HANDS!

    something is VERY wrong, when they are teaching to play football with their hands... damn those soccer moms!

    I say just give up and stick to what you guys are actually good with. basketball. (NBA)
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    Originally posted by websterworld
    .....something is VERY wrong, when they are teaching to play football with their hands......

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    Soccer is an OK sport,

    I like RUGBY the best though (GO WALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    The Dude

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