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    * Sponser needed please read

    Hello, I currently have a super host- and i do not need offers for webhosting. Unfortunately our future online teen magazine does not have the funding it requires to help promote it. We need some companys that would be interested in sponsering us and helping us to promote it. We are signed up with affiliate programs- these will send money. The moere people that come means more money which we can then use to get more visiters and soon we would be sending our sponsers many hits. We would like some sponsers who are willing to invest this money into our site- and look at it as an investment. As i said earlier the more people=moremoney=more people. This circle should satisfy both us and our sponsers. We just need a head start, so if you would be ever so kind as to sponser us and invest i our site ( your add would be placed in our "advertsing frame", sponsers section, for sure- and as a popup (depending on how muh you sponser) We thank you in advance for considering this and we hope that you are able to give us a head start. Please email me at [email protected]

    as well i do not understand why this post was just deleted- i justposted it here. I do not see any violations within the post.

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    What which is site and how many unique daily visitors?

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